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Toyota visar båten Ponam-31 Sports Utility Cruiser
Toyota visar båten Ponam-31

Här i Sverige har nog de flesta båtägare redan dragit upp sina skutor på land för vinterförvaring, men det betyder ju inte att säsongen är över i övriga länder för det. Toyota bygger mer än bara bilar och nu visar deras marindivison upp den nya båtmodellen Ponam-31. En sportig båt i mellanstorlek som ska vara grym för fisketuren, skärgårdscruising eller varför inte lite klassisk bryggsegling?

Upp till tolv personer får plats och under skalet ska det sitta två stycken 3-liters turboladdade dieselmotorer hämtade från Land Cruiser Prado.

Priset för skutan börjar på 215 600 euro.

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Visa Pressmeddelande Toyota Launches New 'Ponam-31' Sports Utility Cruiser

Tokyo, Japan, October 10, 2014?Toyota Motor Corporation today launched a new boat, the "Ponam-31"1, which will go on sale through a network of 49 companies in Japan. Toyota aims to sell 15 units annually, with base prices starting at 29,700,000 yen2.

The Ponam-31 belongs to a new class of boat: the sports utility cruiser. It combines performance with comfort, making it ideal for pleasure cruising as well as fishing and marine sports. The Ponam-31 offers dynamic performance and maneuverability, unique and enduring styling, and a user-friendly interior and exterior.

The Ponam-31 is powered by two 3.0-liter inline four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engines derived from the Land Cruiser Prado. Specially tuned for marine applications, the engine combines high power with excellent fuel efficiency, while keeping emissions, noise, and vibration to a minimum. With its rigid aluminum alloy hull (a popular feature across the Ponam range of boats), the Ponam-31 provides excellent durability and cruising comfort. Optional extras include systems adapted from Toyota's automotive technologies, such as Toyota Drive Assist3 and the Toyota Virtual Anchor System4. At a highly competitive retail price of 29,700,000 yen2, the Ponam-31 represents excellent cost performance.

Dynamic performance and maneuverability

The engine features an optimized turbocharger, intercooler and fuel injectors. This makes the Ponam-31 powerful yet fuel-efficient, while ensuring that emissions, noise, and vibration are minimized.

The hull is made using high-strength A5083 aluminum alloy, which ensures higher rigidity, strength, durability, and fracture resistance than fiber-reinforced plastic. The aluminum alloy structure also helps to greatly reduce the reverberations and noise generated by wave impacts.

Optional pilot support systems include Toyota Drive Assist3 and the Toyota Virtual Anchor System4, automotive-derived technologies that ensure the highest level of control, even during complicated maneuvers.

Unique and enduring styling

Reflecting years of experience incorporating complex curved surfaces into vehicle design, the Ponam-31 presents a solid, elegant form. Combining flowing surfaces and dynamic lines, the unique and imposing design of the Ponam-31 makes it immediately recognizable as part of the Ponam series, even when viewed from a distance.

An attractive rear view is created by the expansive eaves that extend outward from the cabin door to provide a high-performance weather shield. The rear deck rail evokes the look of an automotive spoiler.

User-friendly interior and exterior

The Ponam-31 features an open-plan flybridge above the cabin with excellent visibility, as well as spacious forward and aft decks. The cabin is styled in a casual manner with the aim of creating a relaxing and expansive interior space. The layout, with its single central passage, is designed for user-friendliness. Fittings such as a sofa and counter can be laid out in various arrangements to enhance both comfort and convenience.

Key Specifications

Length/width 10.57 m/3.20 m
Weight 5,600 kg
Total tonnage 6.6 tons
Engine Model M1KD-VH
Displacement 2,982 cc × 2
Power 191 kW (260 ps) × 2
Hull Aluminum alloy
Fuel tank capacity 620 liters
Freshwater tank capacity 110 liters
Occupancy 12
Flybridge 5
Navigable sea areas Inshore
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mån. 13 okt 2014, 16:29
Toyota visar båten Ponam-31 Sports Utility Cruiser