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En Origami-Lexus i skala 1:1
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Efter den svävande skateboarden är Lexus nästa grej en replika av en IS-modell i papper. Japp, det här är en Origami-version av bilen i skala 1:1. Och det bästa av allt - den går att köra med tack vare en liten elmotor. "Lexus provided the team with a digital 3D model of the IS, which was then divided into a series of principal parts, such as the main body, dashboard, seats and wheels. These were then digitally rendered in 10mm “slices” to provide the two-dimensional profiles needed for the laser cutting of each of the 1,700 sheets of 10mm-thick of cardboard – supplied by packaging experts DS Smith. Each layer was given its own reference number to help ensure it was assembled in the right sequence, and the entire assembly was done by hand. A water-based/wood glue was used, which had to be left to set for 10 minutes after each application. Accuracy was vital, as changes couldn’t be made once the glue had dried. In all, the Origami Car took three months to build." Hur det gick till när man tillverkade bilen ser vi här nedan. Tumnagel
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