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Artiklar som innehåller Champagne Carbon EB.01

Bubbel i kolfiberflaska som matchar din Bugatti
Men drick inte när du kör

Bugatti har nu tillsammans med Champagne Carbon tagit fram champagnen EB.01. I flaskan finns en blandning av 90 procent chardonnay-druvor och 10 procent pinot noir och som ni kan se matchar flaskan bra till en svart Chiron. Har du inte bilen kanske du ändå vill pryda din vinkällare med flaskan. Alexandre Mea som är vd för skumpaföretaget säger följande: "We are thrilled to have the chance to begin an adventure with Bugatti. At the crossroad of tradition and modernity, excellence and technology, Bugatti never makes compromises. We feel the same about our Champagne. Our constant pursuit of perfection and relentless desire to innovate has naturally led us to a powerful brand like Bugatti: breaking the conventions and remaining one of the top luxury brands in the world." Bugattis vd Stephan Winkelmann säger så här: "Bugatti and Champagne Carbon are avant-gardists of their respective industry, translating their know-how achieved through a proud history into an innovative present and future. Striving for perfection is at the core of all our actions, leading us to constantly want to keep pushing our own boundaries." Tumnagel
Bobby Green