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Fullt ös i musikvideon till Gramatik - Torture

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Musikvideon till Gramatiks nya låt Torture är här och den har allt från ninjasparkande sjuksköterskor till hårda motorcykelgäng.


is video came out of the twisted minds of Swiss video directors Leo Marthaler and Alban


We have been long time fans of Gramatik and every time we listen to his tracks, a debauchery

of images just come in our mind. Some pretty sick ones we must admit...

One night, aer (too) many beers we wrote Gramatik on Twitter telling him just that:

"We are making a badass music video for you, hope you gonna like it, cheers L&A."

He replied within an hour something along "Cool, use my new logo tho".

at's how it all started.

It took us 6 months of work, we spent all our hard earned cash in it, put together a crew of 12

amazing people and shot with the best possible camera gear. Torture, ladies and gentlemen.

It was a pretty rock'n'roll shoot, 3 days of proper guerilla lmmaking. We had to use secret

ninja technics not to get caught by the police because we shot in UNESCO protected sites,

blocked without permit very highly frequented roads, shot on top of Switzerland's biggest and

most protected water dam and as usual, no time to get authorizations...

When the rst version of the video was rendered, we wrote an email to Gramatik's manage-
ment: Gramatik was performing the same night in our city in Switzerland. Jeez! We needed to

see him !


e manager responded immediately and invited us in the backstage to share some beers

with Gramatik and his crew (awesome people BTW). ey digged the video and were glad to

use it as their ocial music video! Here we go.

Of course it was a big gamble but at least we have done something instead of dreaming up to

shoot a music video for him ...